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Lost and Found Cats

Any cats shown on this page are classed as 'found', and are currently in our care.

We check all incoming cats for a microchip and, where the cat does not have one, we actively seek for their owners as best we can.  No collars were found on these cats.

Please contact us if you are the owner of any cats shown on this page.  


If you think you know the owner, then please show them this page, and ask them to contact us directly.  

(we do require evidence of ownership for any claims on found cats)

Taking in any stray/lost cats incurs costs - such as for vet fees, food, litter and bedding.  Please consider supporting us to continue to help these lost cats by making a donation, or buying an item from our Wishlist - click HERE for info. 

updated on 21.08.22

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